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What is Halloween?

Halloween is a famous holiday for both children and adults celebrated in many countries. This day is celebrated on October 31 each year and so the preparations have begun for Halloween 2019. On this day, children wear frightening costumes and go home after home and say “Trick or Treat”. Then people offer presents to kids like candies and sweets.

Halloween is thought to have an association with Samhain Celtic Festival when it was believed that ghosts and spirits were overseas.

Happy Halloween 2019
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Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Samhain is celebrated on the night of October 31, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead came back to Earth. Besides creating difficulty and harmful plants, Celts believed that the existence of otherworldly gods created it simpler for Druids, or Celtic gods, to predict the future.

Due to pop culture impacts, Halloween has commercialized over the moment and is observed by both kids and teenagers, whether they go to parties or crave for pumpkins.


Why do we celebrate Halloween

Why do we celebrate Halloween


Origin of Halloween

The roots of Halloween trackback to Samhain’s (pronounced sow-in) ancestral Celtic feast.

This day denoted the end of summer and the stark of bleak, chilly winter, a moment of year often connected with animal suicide. Celts thought that the frontier between the states of life and the death was absurd on the time before the old year. Celts who used to celebrate their new year on November 1, were lived in an area which is now Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France. Celt’s belief was that Druids can make future predictions only due to the presence of ghosts and spirits. These revelations were so important for Celts during the long winter nights. Druids built enormous sacred bonfires to commemorate the event, where people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities. The Celts carried clothes typically composed of animal bodies and skins during the festival and try to tell each other’s fortunes.


The origins of Halloween

The origins of Halloween


They re-lit their hearth fires when the festivity ended up, which they had smothered earlier that night, from the sacred bonfire to help protect them in the coming winter.

There is a tradition of bobbing for apples on Halloween, the history behind this is that when the Roman Empire conquered the Celtic territory, they had two traditions. The first was Feralia, a day that was traditionally commemorated by the Romans in late October when the dead passed. The second was a day to celebrate Pomona and giving a tribute to the goddess of fruit and flowers.

How we celebrate Halloween



How we celebrate Halloween

How we celebrate Halloween


The Halloween holiday is considered a chance to meet with friends and family.  Halloween is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Adults and kids wear fancy dresses and often some scary dresses. People do Halloween parties and wear Halloween themed costumes such as vampires and Star War costumes.

People sing and dance together wearing spooky costumes.

The houses are decorated with Halloween themes. Hand-made nets with spiders are hang on the walls. Pumpkins are carved to make faces. White clothes to represent ghosts are hung in the air.

Balloons mostly of orange and black colors are used everywhere. Spooky eyeballs are made to scare someone on the door. Black bat chandelier is made in the center of the room. Having orange and white LED lights with spooky tunes is all fun.

Having delicious food on Halloween is a must thing. Often the food is also decorated to make things scary and frightening like stuffing blueberries in the center of larger lychee berries, having cupcakes with tags of skulls and monsters, burgers with horror faces over it. Mad science experiments on Halloween themes confections result in delicious candy apple skulls, vampire fang cookies, layer candy corn parfaits and much more.

Giving candies to the children is a tradition of Halloween. So the candies are an essential part of the Halloween. Often the candies are wrapped nicely in coherence with Halloween theme.

Often the nights are spent watching scary movies. Young boys often come out of their homes and start roaming into streets and country roads blowing horns and making fun.

What to do on Halloween

A number of activities are conducted on Halloween to enjoy the festivity of this day. This day is not only for kids but also for adults. There are numerous ways to enjoy this day for adults.

People usually spend their day with their families. Meeting and greetings parents and grand-parents are the nicest thing one can ever do at an event.


What to do on Halloween

What to do on Halloween


An easy solution to get your spooky fix while remaining in a couch is to watch a horror movie with friends. Having popcorns and snacks while watching a movie is the thing one can wish for!

Picking up a pumpkin and carving to get scary faces is a splendid physical activity. Bobbing for apples is fulfilling the tradition with fun.

Going to visit a haunted house with friends is a great adventure that would be the source of lifetime memories.

Putting some pumpkin games is also a great idea. Making a stick puppet show for kids is an activity that people can enjoy from all age groups.

Visiting a pumpkin patch and picking up some perfect gourds to transform them into a lantern is a wonderful activity for Halloween.

Halloween in the United States

Halloween arose in Europe but it was introduced to North America by immigrants during the 10th decade, spreading in frequency and evolving in many requests. Traditionally, the ghosts of the deceased have been allowed to return home to existence in the physical world to hurt individuals and plants. Immigrants attempted to appease Halloween’s restless spirits. And the people in North America began to follow this tradition with them unconsciously and so Halloween took a form of a festival and then a national holiday. Now Halloween has grown its roots to all of the United States.


Halloween in United States

Halloween in United States


The people used to wear scary costumes with horrifying faces over it. But nowadays, people are not confined to only scary dresses but they have introduced fashion in it too. Women like to wear fancy dresses with beautiful masks at parties and events. Kids like to dress up like popular celebrities and cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Star War characters, princesses, superheroes and much more.

The famous tradition of “Trick or Treat” is also liked in the United States, in which kids knock the doors of neighbors and ask for treats and candies. If the kids are not given the candies they are allowed to play a trick on the house owners.

Other contemporary leisure activities reflecting Halloween’s traditional history include watching horror movies and touring haunted houses.

The festival in the United States has distributed as a pleasant and business case to other nations around the globe. Today, with clothes and candy, many individuals enjoy Halloween without understanding the traditional past.

Halloween in the United Kingdom:

Halloween is celebrated in schools or at people’s homes with Halloween parties for adults, community activities and family events on Halloween week, and the evening itself, all the kids cover-up and go for trick or treat.


Halloween in United Kingdom

Halloween in United Kingdom


Many castles host Halloween feasts where one can spend the night and this is the activity liked by most of the people. Because they get a chance to spend a night with their friends and families after a tough schedule of the week.

Halloween themed drams and plays are shown on TV and radio stations, where the history of Halloween is discussed along with its traditions and the purpose of those traditions.

It is followed by Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Nights which is held 5 days later and it makes Halloween even more interesting.

Halloween in Germany:

Halloween is primarily practiced in the United States, the source of Halloween is truly from Ireland. Even hard Halloween has no origins in Germany and in German culture that is being observed today.


The first parties and/or tries to bring the Germans to Halloween occurred in the late 90’s. It began more like a trend when Halloween parties were offered by clubs and restaurants, particularly when the next day is still a holiday. Because the next day that is November 1 is celebrated as Allerheiligen (All Saints Day), on which there is a public holiday in Germany. So, for many Germans, this is the only excuse to enjoy Halloween.

For those individuals who like to be saved and remain back, most TV channels would demonstrate scary films beginning at midnight or a few hours before noon.

At Burg Frankenstein borough Darmstadt, Germany’s earliest and most famous Halloween event takes place. It’s the ideal place for a scary Halloween event. Visitors are allowed to walk through the grounds, while performers disguised as ghouls, ghosts and other gruesome creatures; flashing lamps; and an unusual soundtrack create the remains of the castle look like a truly haunted house.


What is Happy Halloween in Spanish?

Halloween is not really celebrated in Spanish speaking countries, But IN Mexico there are a lot of Spanish speakers and they used to celebrate the “Day of the Dead”. Which is a similar event to the Halloween, by the way, if you want to learn how do you say happy Halloween in Spanish then the answer is given below,

“Feliz Dia de Muertos”

What is Happy Halloween in French?

Before 1990s people in France do not celebrate Halloween. But after the 1990s the younger generation started doing costumes parties for Halloween, which becomes a trend around the whole country. And people in France now started celebrating Halloween in the same way as people celebrate it in the United States of America.

If you want to know how do you say Happy Halloween in French, answer to your this question is given below,

“Joyeux Halloween”

What is Happy Halloween in Japanese?

In Japan, people start celebrating Halloween from August, on Halloween people used to tell ghost stories and visit Haunted places to celebrate the All Hallow’s Eve. However for Japanese Halloween is not all about wearing scary costumes only, people there love to wear lovely kings, queens and superhero costumes. If you want to know how do you say Happy Halloween in Japanese, the answer is given below.

“Happy Harowin (ハッピーハロウィン)”

What is Happy Halloween In German?

Halloween is also not a traditional German celebration, but as Halloween celebration’s tradition have spread across Europe as well as across Germany. Adults and Kids are now aware of this celebration and they used to Celebrate Halloween in October. The tradition of celebrating Happy Halloween has now become a part of German Tradition. You can see craved Pumpkins, Jack O Lantern and stores full of scary costumes during the Halloween season in Germany. If you want to know how do you say Happy Halloween in German the answer is given below,

“Fröhliches Halloween” or simply say “Happy Halloween”

What to respond to Happy Halloween?

Halloween has become the most famous event around the whole world, People used to celebrate Halloween even if it is not a part of their tradition. People who are not well aware of this event, become confused when someone wishes them ” Happy Halloween”. They became confused because they do not know what to respond to Happy Halloween.

But today we are going to share some phrases and sentence that you can say in respond of Happy Halloween wish,

Below are given some phrases that you can say back in return of Happy Halloween.

“Happy Halloween to you too”

“Thanks, Same to you”

” Happy Halloween to you also”

“Have a wonderful Happy Halloween”

Why Say Happy Halloween?

Halloween is United States traditional event, that people used to celebrate by wearing Costumes, carving pumpkins, Trick or treat or by going to Halloween parties. To wish Halloween to other People used to say “Happy Halloween”.

How do you say Happy Halloween in 15 Different Languages? 

Halloween in French: Joyeux Halloween

Halloween in German: Fröchliches Halloween

Halloween in Spanish: Feliz Halloween

Halloween in Italian: Felice Vigilia d’Ognissanti

Halloween in Norwegian: Lykkelig Allehelgens Dag

Halloween in Swedish: Lycklig Alla Helgons Dag

Halloween in Dutch: Fine Halloween

Halloween in Japanese: ハッピーハロウィン (Happīharou~in)

Halloween in Portuguese: Feliz Dia das Bruxas

Halloween in Polish: Szczęśliwego Halloween

Halloween in Korean: 해피 할로윈 (Heang / Bok / Han Hal / Lo / Wein)

Halloween in Serbian:  Срећна Ноћ Вештица

Halloween in Albanian: Gëzuar Hallouinin

Halloween in Catalan: Feliç Halloween

Halloween in Irish: Oíche Shamhna Shona Duit

Why is Halloween Happy?

This is one of the most interesting questions that Halloween is all about Horror, Scare, and Spooky then why people used to say “Happy” Halloween?. 

The reason behind why Halloween happy instead of “Spooky Halloween” or “Horror Halloween” is, this has been a well-wishing to greet from decades, also it is an evening of celebration and remembrance. That’s why the Halloween is Happy.

When is Happy Halloween? 

Halloween is the traditional event that is celebrated every year on 31st October. Different countries across the world will celebrate Halloween on 31st October 2019. However, the preparation of Halloween will begin in August.


When is Halloween 2019

When is Halloween 2019


Happy Halloween Pictures 2019:

Halloween is one of the most famous traditional events. We celebrate this day on 31st October with our family, relatives, and friends. To celebrate this day we used to wear scary Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins and go to Haloween parties. We all gather at a place to wish Happy Halloween to each other.

To celebrate this Halloween with your love once, we are going to share a collection of best Happy Halloween pictures 2019. These Halloween pictures can play an important role in your Halloween celebrations. As you can use these pictures to wish Happy Halloween to others. Also, you can put these Happy Halloween pictures on your WhatsApp status.

You can download best Happy Halloween pictures for free from the list given below.





Halloween images 2019

Halloween images 2019


Happy Halloween 2019 Images

Happy Halloween 2019 Images



Happy Halloween images HD

Happy Halloween images HD


Happy Halloween images HD

Happy Halloween images HD


Happy Halloween pictures 2019

Happy Halloween pictures 2019


Scary Happy Halloween images

Scary Happy Halloween images





Happy Halloween 2019 Pictures to Color:

Halloween is not all about spreading horror, visiting Haunted places or going for trick or treat. There are a lot of different Halloween activities for kids and adults. That you can do to celebrate the All Hallow’s eve. We are going to share a list of best Halloween activities to celebrate Halloween in our this blog.

Coloring Halloween pictures is one of the most famous Halloween activity for kids. We all used to keep our kids busy by giving them Halloween pictures to color. Here, we are going to share a bundle of free Happy Halloween pictures to color, that you can use in Happy Halloween activities 2019.

Download free Happy Halloween 2019 pictures to color from below and celebrate this big day with your kids.





Happy Halloween Pictures Nightmare Before Christmas

People use to call Halloween as nightmare before Christmas. Because of a famous Halloween film based on a poem. The nightmare before Christmas is a story of Halloween King (Jack Skellington). Who has been through a “Christmas Town” where he got bored and decided to do some adventure. He decided to kidnap the Santa clause and bring Christmas under his control.

Here you can find Happy Halloween pictures nightmare before Christmas. We are going to share images of Jack from the nightmare before Christmas. These wonderful images from nightmare before Christmas will add some extra joys in Halloween celebrations.

Also, we are hopeful to have a Nightmare before Christmas 2.

Happy Halloween Pictures Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington was the Halloweentown’s, Pumpkin King. Who was the main character in Nightmare before Christmas Halloween film? Jack skellington is a character taken from a poem on which Nightmare before Christmas film is based. Here we are going to share Jack skellington images from famous Halloween Nightmare before Christmas movie.

Happy Halloween Pictures for Facebook:

Halloween will be celebrated across the whole world on 31st October 2019. People use to gather at a place wearing scary costumes to celebrate this big occasion. People who cannot join the Halloween parties used to celebrate this big day through social media.

Ours loved once who are away from us, spread the Happiness of Halloween by sharing Happy Halloween pictures on Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

If you are in search of Happy Halloween pictures for Facebook. Then you are on the right place now here we are going to share a bundle of free Happy Halloween pictures 2019 for Facebook. You can use these Halloween pictures 2019 to take a part in Halloween celebrations 2019. Download free Happy Halloween images for Facebook 2019 from the list given below.

Funny Happy Halloween Pictures 2019:

We all celebrate All Hallow’s Eve by wearing costumes, doing trick or treats, carving pumpkin or apple bobbing. The most common thing that you can see on Halloween is. You can see everyone trying to spread Horror by wearing scary dresses or doing scary decorations. But this is the day of great happiness. So, we must have to spread happiness with our friends and family members.

To wish Happy Halloween to our loved once and make them Happy. We have arranged a couple of Funny Happy Halloween pictures. These Happy Halloween funny pictures will put a beautiful smile on your love once face when you will wish them Happy Halloween 2019.

Happy Halloween Birthday Pictures

If your birthday is also on 31st October, then you are the luckiest person on this earth. You can enjoy the double celebrations on Halloween. I have seen mostly men who have born on 31st October has named “Jack”.If you were born on Halloween, so you goona receives double wishes on this Halloween one for your birthday and other for the Halloween.

To wish the babies, adults who were born on 31st. We have gathered a group of Happy Halloween birthday pictures. You can send these Happy Halloween birthday images to your loved once to wish them Happy birthday along with Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween Pictures Black and White:

If you are willing to celebrate Halloween 2019 by doing some amazing Halloween activities. Then you are landed in the right place now Because here we are going to share some Halloween activities related stuff.

We have a lot of Halloween activities that we can do to celebrate Halloween. Carving pumpkin is one of the most famous activities that people love on the occasion of Halloween. Also, people love to play Halloween games to celebrate this event differently.

Today, we are with the most interesting and unique Halloween activity. That is coloring the Halloween pictures. This activity keeps you and your kids busy at Halloween celebrations. Here we are going to share a bundle of free Happy Halloween pictures black and white, in which you can fill colors to show your creativity.

All you need to download Happy Halloween black and white images, then print them to use in Halloween coloring pages activity.

Happy Halloween Pictures For Pumpkins 2019:

As I have already mentioned above people used to do different activities on Halloween, Carving pumpkins is one of them. You can find a lot of best Happy Halloween pumpkin carving stencils on our blog. But I have seen people also use Halloween pictures on the pumpkin to decorate them for indoor and outdoor decorations.

Below we are going to share a list of free Happy Halloween pictures of pumpkins, that you can print and paste on pumpkins to prepare them for your house decoration. You can also use these Halloween pictures for carving pumpkins. As it can be used to make Halloween pumpkin carving stencils. We will also update how you can carve a pumpkin by using Halloween pictures.

Scary Happy Halloween Pictures 2019:

When Halloween season arrives, people start searching for Halloween related pictures, images, quotes and wishes. When we are talking about pictures. Scary Happy Halloween pictures are the most demanded images for Halloween. As Halloween is all about spreading the scare and horror, people need Happy Halloween scary images to decorate their places to look like a haunted place.

If you also in search of some best Happy Halloween scary images, then congratulations, before from here you can get best Scary Happy Halloween pictures 2019. You can print and use these pictures in Halloween decorations, also you can use these pictures to share it with your loved once.



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